go red for womenThe most recommended way to lower your risk of the top three health-related illnesses is to exercise at least 150 minutes per week (only 20 minutes per day). However, studies show 97% of Americans don’t get this recommended amount of exercise. Of the 3% of people who DO workout 150 minutes per week, when asked what motivates them to do so, they say “to get a better body.”



GetABetterBody.info was founded by
Alycia Darby, a college educator turned fitness junkie, as a platform to motivate others to adopt a healthy lifestyle by incorporating fitness into their daily routine.

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Through this platform, Alycia provides education and motivation to help others reach their goal of getting a better body and her goal of living in a
healthier world.
#GetABetterBody has been featured in several media write ups including MainStreet.com Fitness On a Budget: How to Exercise at Home and Beauty High’s 8 Great YouTube Fitness Videos.

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Alycia Darby has been professionally motivating people to reach success for over 10 years as a motivational speaker, fitness instructor, career coach, business consultant and leadership professor.

Alycia serves as Spokesperson for the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and author of the ebook “Get a Better Body: Diet and Exercise Tips to Lose Fat and Get Fit.” She currently serves as the Director of Development and Training at Circuit Works, a boutique fitness studio in Los Angeles.

Alycia is most passionate about two things: education and fitness! This is no surprise since she began studying dance at the age of 2 and later became a dance teacher and choreographer for competitive dancers. Alycia continued studying dance in college, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Education.

Alycia’s fitness expertise has been featured in a variety of media including PopSugar.tv, OKMagazine.com among others.

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Her experience in public speaking was cultivated during her 5+ years as a pageant title holder including Miss Maryland Galaxy and Miss California International 2014 where she speaks to thousands of people throughout the United States promoting her platform “Get a Better Body.” Through this self-designed platform, Alycia is able to educate audiences throughout the United States with the message of a healthy lifestyle.

Alycia received her Master’s in Counseling and served colleges and universities for 5 years as a professor and career counselor. During this time, her life became more sedentary and Alycia had to recreate ways to enjoy fitness.

She began training with a personal trainer and competed in several fitness competitions. Soon, she became a Certified Personal Trainer through the ISSA and trained as a yoga and spin instructor. Alycia transitioned her skills from higher education to fitness business development in 2012.

Alycia has facilitated teambuilding exercises for athletic teams, student organizations and professional staffs at colleges and universities across the nation, including Penn State University, Pepperdine University, Loyola Marymount University, and Allegheny College among others.

Her goal is to encourage everyone to embrace a healthy lifestyle by including fitness into their daily routine.

Contact Alycia Darby to ask questions, request services, or share a tip!

LA Celebrity trainersFor more information about Get A Better Body founder, Alycia Darby, visit www.AlyciaDarby.com

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