Protein Bars that Taste Good

Quest is one of my favorite protein companies. When you’re searching for an awesome meal replacement or high-protein snack, it’s key to look at the sugar content. Most protein bars have to put tons of sugar (17-21grams) into their bars to make them taste good. Sugar turns into fat when it’s not burned off immediately (and it takes a while to burn off 15+ grams of sugar!)

Quest bars have less than 3grams of sugar and taste Spectacular! I like the Cookies and Cream ones and have them with almond milk like a cookie! It’s guilt-free snacking with exceptional taste.

Here’s a list of places to eat your Quest bars:
– right before/after a workout
– in the car to tide you over til you get home (instead of making bad fast food choices)
– at the office on a busy day when you forget to bring lunch
– 10:00 and 2:00 snack time in between meals
– for breakfast in the morning if you don’t have time to cook or usually eat nothing (worst thing ever! You need to eat something in the morning to keep your metabolism burning for you!)

I keep one in my purse, car, and desk as a ‘just in case’ snack for when I’m starving and need to take the edge off so I don’t make bad food choices.

Anyway…that’s my quick intro to this delicious protein bar!
Quest also have a bunch of other products including protein ‘chips’ (instead of potato chips) they’re darn good too!

As for the Quest Protein Bars, my favorite flavor is Cookies and Cream.

Click this image below to see where to buy them and get some for you!